Corporate culture

Mission: Create value for customers, create happiness for employees, and contribute to the development of the industry
Vision: To become a leader in the customization of special lithium batteries
Values: Hard work, modesty, introspection, optimism, altruism, gratitude
business philosophy: integrity, innovation, cooperation, win-win

Mission Practice: How to create value for customers£¿
Quality assurance£ºStrictly control product quality, provide quality products and services
Guarantee delivery£ºForecast reasonable material preparation, order arrangement, product delivery on time
Rapid response£ºEstablish and improve the management system, quickly respond to customer needs
Technical support£ºUnderstand market demand, upgrade and iterate R&D technology, and help solve practical problems
Efficient service£ºIn the face of temporary or unexpected customer needs, quickly meet, provide more efficient service
Increase efficiency and reduce cost£ºUnderstand the actual situation of customer management and marketing, and provide assistance programs for customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency

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